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Monday, January 24, 2011

8 Seconds.....

I came across some interesting factoids about 8 seconds here:

*Time it takes for Light to travel the 93,000,000 Miles from our Sun to the Earth
*men think about sex every 8 seconds
*this was really crappy movie starring Luke Perry, or as I remember him, Dylan from 90210
*the time it takes my husband to fall asleep

It's all about the eyes today, my friends. I have a few easy & quick ways for you to feel better & look great in this short time.  (Ok, maybe a few more than 8, but really no more than 20.)

1. Curl your lashes

As a makeup artist, the horror in the eyes of my clients when I come at them with the lash curler, is very comical.  Do not be afraid!! The lash curler does amazing things for you.  It opens up your eye.  With or without mascara (which you should apply AFTER, not before) no one will every know you were up 5 times with your baby last night, or just did it 5 times with your "big baby" last night.

My fav, by Shu Uemera, has a cult following, and for good reason.  It gently curls the lashes up.  No drastic right angles here.


Remember to pulse the curler GENTLY! Do not squeeze the life out of it.  This will damage your lashes.   Always close it slowly to make sure you just have the lashes & not your lid.

2.  Groom Your Eyebrows!

I cannot stress this enough ladies.  You should have 2, count 'em, 2 eyebrows. the uni-brow is only acceptable for cavemen & Bert on Sesame Street.  Brows create a frame for your eye & face.  When the brows are clean, again, eyes look open & bright. Whether you tweeze, wax, thread..it doesn't matter.  Just keep them clean & well shaped. 

Use these guidelines when shaping the brows:

A. shows where the brow should start. The corner of the eye. 
B. shows where the arch should be
C. shows where it should end.  Take a pencil & hold it at the side of the nose & follow the line up, if need be.

DO NOT OVER TWEEZE!! Brows should have some thickness to them.  Please avoid the following:

The Constant Surprise Brow = like a parenthesis on top of your eye. This is only allowed if your name is Mona & you are a waitress at a truck stop in Wichita

The Straight Brow = generally reserved for Russian spys or if you are a Dominatrix

The NO Brow = this is when someone has removed their brow entirely, either from over-tweezing or a tragic grilling explosion.  I am all for filling in & enhancing the brow with powder or pencil, but the drawn in brow has got to go.

3. All the Shimmers...

Another little trick to share.  Shimmer is your friend.  A subtle beige, golden shadow applied lightly in the corners separates the eyes & brightens your overall look.

Now go easy here. No crazy, disco shadow.  Just a little dab will do ya. You will look fresh & alert.  Shimmer can also be placed right underneath the arch of the brow to create a instant "lift"

So, who knew?  8 seconds is all you need.  Go ahead & try these 3 things today. Let me know how it goes.  

Now, I'm going to the Keurig to wait 8 seconds for my 10th cup of coffee. 

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  1. well, I must say: I've been a guilty of squeezing the life out of my lashes and AFTER I put the mascara on. So, since you posted this I've been following the advice of my favorite Rockstar Mama and they look a million times BETTER :)
    Love your new blog!


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