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Sunday, January 23, 2011

be-Coming Clean

When I schlepped to the bus stop with the boys the other morning, someone said "you look nice" and then asked me where I was going.  I find this funny.  The reason I looked nice, inevitably, is because I actually showered. 

I promised myself, B.C. (before children), that I was NEVER going to be that mom in the sweatpants & ponytail with no makeup.  Nope!  Not me!  I would be fabulous not frumpy.  I had good intentions, really.  But then came my 2 beautiful boys within 15 months of each other.  Mind you, we were married 7 years B.C.  This was a bit of a change for me, to say the least.  The saying "having a baby changes everything" doesn't even skim the surface.

I used to be meticulously groomed. What is it about having kids that makes you abandon basic grooming needs?  Showering, combing your hair.. I don't even want to mention the shaving situation. I do suppose that I was too tired then, to lift the razor & go to work. (mind you, I am an Italian girl, and shaving is quite a project.)

There is a fascinating article (are you feeling the sarcasm??) on wiki-How on How to Be Well Groomed,  Really?  Yes, really.  Apparently, we all need a bullet list to achieve this.

Here is the link

Number 1 on the list? (drum roll please..) Bathe daily unless specified otherwise by a medical professional. 

See?  I am on to something here.  Showering is a good thing. Wiki says so!

OK, now I am rambling.  My point is this, my friends: B.C.  I was clean, all the time.  Pedicures, nails, waxing.  I did not have roots.  I had 2 eyebrows!   Don't panic when you find yourself in the parking lot of Stop & Shop, looking in the rear view mirror & to your horror, notice the random hairs that are setting up shop on your chin.  It's all just part of the process..  B.C. Oh how I miss thee!

So my tip for the day:  Shower!  It will do wonders for your self-confidence..

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  1. and what mama doesn't love 5-10 minutes of solitude and *quiet* in a hot comforting shower


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