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Thursday, January 27, 2011

MAN...Don't Feel Like a Woman

I think I should have been born a man.  Seriously.  There is really no part of me that has really ever embraced being a girl.  Besides, of course, the fact that I make a living as a makeup artist.  Which is pretty "girlie."  Other than that, secretly think I am a guy.  

Let me give you a few examples of why I think this is true...

*I do not have a B.F.F., no "besties" & no plans for a "girls weekend" anytime in the future. 

*My go to station on TV is ESPN.  Sportscenter is an essential part of my day, even though they loop the same news over & over.. I still have it on, always!

*I HATE to shop.  What is wrong with me?  Shopping is torture.  End of story.

*I do not look forward to watching the movie of the week on Lifetime, The Real Housewives from anywhere, Oprah or The Bachelor.  At least one of these shows is a female fav, from what I hear.

*I do not like the following: rainbows, kittens or cartoons of both.  Nor do I have a fondness for chardonnay, Dr. Oz (creepy!) or the color pink.  
*I do not like whining & have zero tolerance for drama.  

*I don't like to "spoon"

*I cannot wait for the Superbowl.  

*I have eaten Venison & liked it.
I have always been a guys-girl.  Is that bad?  Are there any of you out there like me?  Please say yes...

These are the thing that keep me up at night.

I have issues..

Wait....that must mean I'm a girl.


  1. LOL - gotta say there are similarities...I also consider myself to be a guys girl (not one of the guys there is a difference) like "Elaine" on Seinfeld. I do have a tendency to push and say get out of here to my guy friends. I like hanging around with them sometimes more than my girl friends - you're right less drama - just straight shooting and you can say you're an idiot without having someone get all emotional about it. Been on girl weekends, would rather not if I had a choice too many creates more drama! Love sports all kinds may not know all the rules for all the sports, but learning. But you still look very much like a woman so you got it all! Nancy C (FB) P.S. Great Blog love it!

  2. I know what you mean! I was always the one with sports on while my (now-ex) husband whined about wanting to go out to dinner. (Maybe that's why he's my ex?) I can bait a hook, change a tire and I know how to explain "offsides" in three sports.

    That makes us less girlie, but never less of a woman! :)

  3. Sue, you are a guy's dream date/woman. Men secretly WANT their woman/mistress to be just like them... Shhhhhhh


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