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Friday, February 4, 2011

Selling CRAZY.....

I was cruising the stations on cable last night.  A ritual that I have become accustomed to each evening after the kids are in bed.  I came across a compelling and equally disturbing new show on TLC called "My Strange Addiction."

It follows everyday people around who have..well, strange addictions. Let's take Kesha.  (No, not the slutty singer who claims to be Mick Jagger's daughter, although she is about as good looking as he is.)  This Kesha is addicted to eating toilet paper.  You heard me right.  She carries a roll around at all times & snacks on it day and night.  She especially "likes the 2-ply" as it doubles her pleasure.  Crazy, right?  Not to mention Lori, who has to run her hairdryer right next to her in bed while she sleeps. And let's not forget about Rebeca, who has over 200 pairs of shoes, thinks they have feelings, calls them her "babies" & worries about them while she is away.

WOW!  This show makes me feel really good about myself.  Maybe I'm not CRAZY.  It's kind of like watching Jersey Shore.  You sit in amazement, feel great, knowing that there are actually people out there who are this crazy, deranged, maladjusted & basically dumb!  (Not to down play any of the people on the TLC show.  I mean, they have real problems.)

We all have our own strange addictions right?  Things that we like or do & are too embarrassed to admit.  Our own special "crazy."

I can see you are all in denial right now so I'll go first..

My name is Susan and...

  I bite my nails..not too strange.  But really gross & I can't  stop.  My nails = stumps
  I like gummy coke bottles.. gross, again to most, but I love em!
  I sometimes dip my pizza crust in Coke..
  I actually like Glenn Beck & think his views on politics & history make a lot of sense
  I count on my fingers..I totally SUCK at math
  I have the following on my i Pod: Air Supply, the soundtrack to A Chorus Line, Rico Suave, Hanson and the Manah Manah song.. 
  I like wine coolers
  I know every song lyric & movie quote you can throw at me yet can't balance my checkbook

I suppose all these idiosyncrasies make us who we are. They make us unique. We all have something deep & dark that we don't want people to know about.  I think we should fess up.  Tell it all.. Let it fly!  

My point is this..

The jig is up...  We all have to stop trying to be someone we are not. It is the cause of most of the stress and heartache in our lives. And quite frankly, it is exhausting! You cannot be everything to everyone.  Especially if you are lying to yourself about who you REALLY are.  I don't mean to get  deep here, or anything.  I'm just saying that I am a mother.  Who honestly, doesn't LOVE it all the time. I don't have a perfect marriage, perfect kids & my house is just plain ole disaster.  If I tried to keep up with all the books & articles about "what a good person/mother/woman is I would have to be admitted to the hospital or an insane asylum.. (which is not too far off, kids)

You can see CRAZY in 2 ways:
            -weird, abnormal, bizzarre, dysfunctional


as I see CRAZY:
           -exceptional, extraordinary, atypical & remarkable

I love my crazy.  In the words of the aforementioned Ke$ha....

So, come on you freaks!! Own who you are & jump on my bandwagon of crazy.  You just might be in for the ride of your life!

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