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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Losing it!

After my week long adventure to Florida I had an epiphany.  The only thing more painful than posing for a picture that my mother is taking ("honey, why doesn't this damn camera work?) is seeing the footage of yourself at the beach in a bikini.  Yes, she pressed the video button by accident.  My goodness!  The horror...  

I admit that I am a lazy person when it comes to diet & exercise.  I was an athlete my whole life, I don't understand.  Honestly, I would rather eat shards of glass than walk on a treadmill.  But after viewing this video of my pasty, winter-ravaged body, I thought it was time to motivate. I got my husband on board too, so I have someone to answer to.

We kicked around all the diet options.  Weight Watchers: good, healthy premise & success rate but why do I need to pay $50 bucks to have them count calories & come up with my "magic" number?  Nutrisystem:  Pre-packaged food that looks pretty gross & SO expensive.  Maybe the Charlie Sheen diet?  Crack, hookers & chain-smoking yourself into a gaunt, shell of a person?  NAH!  We needed something easy that would allow us to cook real food.  To the app store we went........

 We decided to download a free app on the iPhone called My Fitness Pal.  This is nothing new or genius but I think I found my miracle.  It's basically a calorie counter. Like Weight Watchers without the membership fee. You put in your weight now (which I will not disclose) and your goal weight.  Along with that you choose your activity level.  I chose "lightly active."  Typing burns calories, right?  It then calculates the number of calories you need to meet daily to lose weight.  You track every food & drink you have & the database has EVERYTHING you can imagine.  This may sound tedious to some of you, but it is actually very informative.  After doing this for 5 days I find myself making different choices.  Better, healthier ones. 

It is not easy.  They have me at 1370 calories a day.  That is next to nothing to eat.  As I sit here, I can feel my stomach sucking up against my spine.  But, if this is what it takes to motivate me then so be it.  When I think about what used to regularly eat daily, I must have been at 2000 calories or more.  Now, I am lucky.  I must have a good metabolism or good genes because I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.  By that I mean a lot of crap.  I don't gain a ton of weight, but you know when your body gets... you know, pppbbbbblllllllllt.  (Click on the link to see what I mean.) Can I still call it "baby weight" even though my kids are 6 & 7?

I think dieting is the worst.  I am totally obsessing about eating.  This app has made me think before I eat, which is good, I guess.  I would knock back a 6 pack of Twisted Tea on the weekend & think nothing of it.  Each of those suckers has 200 calories.  What a waste!  I don't even get a buzz or anything.  If I had 3 or 4 that is practically my entire calorie count for the day.  Nevermind the random chicken nuggets, scoops of mac & cheese & chip-ahoy cookies that I would steal off my kids plates.  I need to STOP THE INSANITY!

One amazing thing this app has done is actually given me a reason to exercise.  Exercise = additional calories added to my day.  If I want to eat more...I gotta get my ass moving. 30 minutes on the stepmill = 4 Girl Scout Thin Mints.. Yes!  Again, nothing new.  It is funny what motivates us.  But I am getting excited about this. 

I have body issues, like all of us.  My problem area seems to be the THASS.  That is my pet term for the combination, thigh-ass thing I got going on.  NOT attractive.  There should be some sort of definition between the two.  I'm looking forward to seeing that.

My next goal is to stop smoking.  (I can feel your judgement)  I mean, what is the point of being thin if your dead?

So I say do whatever works for YOU.  It is hard enough to stay motivated.  Hopefully, I can stay on track with the help of my new Pal & be able to comfortably sport a bikini this summer.  (or at least distinguish my thighs from my ass)  Who's with me?

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