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Friday, April 22, 2011

Like Mother, like daughter...

It's official.  I have become my mother!  Just thought I would let you all know that there is no denying it anymore.  I came to this conclusion during one of my screaming fits this morning.  I actually stopped & thought, OMG..  Now, cut me some slack here.  It is Friday of what seems to be a never-ending kids vacation & my nerves are a bit shot, to say the least.

First of all, I LOVE my mother.  She is amazing. A woman who is loving, giving & the best care taker I have ever seen.  To this day, she still is the most giving person I know.  But she likes to yell.  Always has & still does!

There are a few things that I always thought I would avoid when I became a mother.  Number 1: The Screaming! When you were young, you either came from a house that yelled or didn't.  We yelled.  A lot!  Again, being Italian & our inability to gauge proper volume control at any time, this is a normal occurrence. 

Yelling does not produce a very comfortable or positive environment for anyone.  Yet, I yell.  Daily.  Maybe I think screaming at the top of my lungs will make my kids (or hubby for that matter) actually listen, or at least react when I say something.  I got news for ya: it doesn't work.  For once, I agree with the parenting books.  It really is just an "adult" temper tantrum. Damn!

Aside from the yelling, there are other things that are slowly making there way into my motherly repertoire.  Like the list making, my obsession with putting everything in Ziploc bags, spitting on a tissue & wiping my kids faces & the oh-so-popular nagging.  WTF?  When did I become a nag?  And if any of you out there hear me utter the phrase "Can I make a suggestion?" it may be time for an intervention.

I have also developed this scowl-type look on my face.  It is there constantly.  When did this happen?  I look miserable.  I remember by little one once saying, "Mom, why do you have that face?"  THAT face.  I have a face!  A Mom face.  A "pick up this room, don't talk back, I have had enough of this crap" face.   You know, it''s bad enough I'm getting emails about "sexy seniors" in my local area looking for a date, I now have a face, I'm a nag & vocally challenged in the volume department.  I used to be happy, fun, relaxed.  My god, what has happened?

There are things I wish my mother passed on to me, but didn't.  Like how she can launder & iron a pair of pants so well that she renders them unrecognizable to their owner when she is done. ( "Are these my pants?")  How she can find the perfect card for any occasion.  "Congratulations on your 2nd cousins Son's Briss" (not kidding, swear she is part owner of Hallmark)  And how you can never find a single piece of hair in any of her bathrooms. (how is this possible?)

It is inevidible.  No matter what you do you will eventually become one of your parents.  Take a good look at your mother the next time you are with her.  This is going to be you.  If it hasn't happened yet, get ready...  It's coming!

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