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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Judgement Day: Hollywood's Apocalypse

This world’s obsession with Hollywood is out of control. The news outlets salivate over scandal after silly scandal.  The latest: Arnold love child.  The Terminator apparently laid the hammer down on one of his employees (not to mention his wife's friend) and had a child with her over 10 years ago.  Does anyone find it ironic that Arnold's "Judgment Day" ( or True Lies..ok Ill stop) came the same week as the supposed end of the world? To dispute his words "It IS a tumor."  Hollywood, that is.  It needs to be removed from our everyday life. 

Is there no shame left?  With all the war, disaster & turmoil in the world, this is what we are concerned about?  The news breaks & we all act "shocked."  How could he do this?  Poor Maria.  BLAH!  Do the actions of the spoiled, entitled & filthy rich actually surprise us?  What amazes me is the conviction in which these stories are told.

"Charlie Sheen trashes hotel room, 8 ball found, hooker fears for life in bathroom!"
"Tiger Wood's sleeps with 300 girls in 6 months"
"Lindsey Lohan steals more stuff, does more drugs, under house arrest, AGAIN!"


I don't know why this fascinates us all.  Hollywood is not real life, is it?  These people have so much money & so much ego that they live in their own make-believe world.  In this world, there are no consequences.  No need to take responsibility for actions.  To me, that is not the real world.  It makes me question the intelligence of these "stars."  If you know people are watching, have iPhone's with cameras & you are famous, wouldn't you try to be a little more discreet?  IDK...maybe it's me.

We put these people on a pedestal.  It's no wonder they feel entitled.  Does anyone really follow Gary Busey on Twitter?  Who cares what any of them have to say?  I guess we do.  My father asked me last week "Why is this Kim Kardashian famous?  What does she do?"  Good questions.. Nothing.  She is rich & hot.  Li-lo is a klepto, drug addicted pig.  (I'll have to put some blame on her parents for this one) We are all enablers.  We add fuel to this "celebrity" fire.  We need to get a life.

Hollywood is no stranger to scandal. However, I can't quite understand our need to live vicariously through the rich & famous.  People are fascinated by fame.  It is the love/hate relationship we all have with it. That I enjoy. We love to see the success, but even more, relish being the witness of its downfall.  Are we just jealous haters?  Maybe.

We all need to shut off TMZ.  Pick up a good book & read it!   Like anything else, if you ignore it...maybe it will go away?  Please make it go away. 

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