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Monday, May 16, 2011

Shipping up to BOSTON: My Addiction to Sports

I love sports.  There, I said it.  I am a woman & I love sports!  (Guess I'm still glowing about the Sox sweep of the Yankee's this weekend, sorry!)  Many would consider this a really good thing.  My husband thinks that it borders on obsession & he may be right.  Being born & bred in Boston there is no getting around this sickness.  You are born into it, baby.  Moving to CT has posed a few problems for me such as: very few televised Patriots pre-season games, static-laded reception of  sports radio WEEI & those dreaded New York fans.  They are everywhere.  This makes things hard for a Boston girl.

Growing up, my dad had season tickets to the Red Sox & the Bruins.  I sat in the stands at 8 years old & watched Pudge, Yaz, Eck, Dewy Evans & the Rem-Dawg.  I experienced the dilapidated yet beautiful Fenway Park first-hand.  I rode the train into North Station to the original "Boston Garden."  Sat on my dad's lap & witnessed fights with Terry O'Reilly, Wayne Cashman & that blistering one-timer from the blue line from Ray Bourque.  This was the foundation that my sports obsession was based on. I was really lucky. 

I also had the not-so-pleasant experience of watching the Patriots when they sucked. (and boy did they suck!)  We really didn't actually "watch" them because every game was blacked out.  We just heard that the Foxboro faithful would get hammered pee on the cheerleaders.  Nice. 

The other night I was watching the Red Sox with my father.  There was a point where the Celtics, Bruins & Sox were all on at the same time.  My dad looked at me and said "Are we spoiled or what?"  Having so many great & competitive sports teams.  I know that a lot of you out there do not understand this obsession with sports.  I know stats, names, game schedules.  I'm a freak.  Score Mobile is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone.  I have a problem, I know.  But I love it!

Being a Boston fan also means that you need a heart monitor in order to continually watch games.  I actually sweat watching some match-ups.  It's crazy, but true.  But it is all part of the sickness: the sweating, the swearing & the stomach ache after a loss.  I'm going to need to re-up my Xanax script.

Luckily, I was blessed with two beautiful sons.  No dance recitals & Barbies for me.  It's sports!!  My oldest son was asked to name some things that mommy has taught him on his Mother's Day Card.  One thing listed was that I taught him to play basketball. (mama can still knock em down)  I love it!  Sports Center is the staple on the TV in the morning. The only unfortunate thing is that my boys are growing up with Yankees fans.  OUCH!  It has been explained that "mommy's money is not allowed to purchase any Yankees gear."  But the rebel.  They actually love to tease me about it.  It's sick, but maybe for my own good.  I'm all for a healthy rivalry.  (As long as they don't start rooting for the Jets...good lord!)

Sports are about competition.  I am very competitive.  (emphasis on VERY!) So much so that "game night" has almost come to blows.  I like to win.  So?  It that bad?  It is hard trying to find the balance between teaching my kids that 1st place is not the most important thing & wanting to win.  We preach that being a good sport is the best thing. Winning & losing gracefully, which is not easy to do.  Kind of an oxymoron coming form a Boston fan, huh?  We are trying our best..

All in all, sports is & always has been a big part of my life.  Those memories defined my childhood.  I hope that I will be able to share some of those defining moments with my two boys.  So, you don't be afraid to embrace you inner sports addict. There are more of us out there than you think.  Like they say:

"You can take the girl outta Boston....but you CAN'T take Boston outta the girl!"

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