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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have A Drink on Me: Mommy's Little Helper

What is it about summertime that makes you want to drink?  It can be 10am on a Tuesday, and if it is above 70 and sunny, it's time for a Bloody Mary. I find myself looking at the clock in the afternoon.  Is it 5:00 yet?  Do I have a problem?  I mean, hell, it is kids vacation & that is enough to make you want to shotgun Natty Light if it was available.  Can I have a drink now?

Growing up, my parents had a cocktail every night before dinner.  I never saw this as a problem.  They still do.  They never got rip-roaring drunk, but had that time before dinner to chill, sip a beverage & relax.  These days you feel guilty about imbibing.  Are my children going to become alcoholics because they see mommy & daddy having a cocktail?  I am of the opinion that if your children are exposed to things & understand the rules that they are less apt to abuse such things.  Does that make me crazy?  Naive? Ignorant?  I don't think so. 

My first experience with alcohol was the time I thought it would be fun to sneak into my fathers liquor cabinet in the basement.  I didn't grab beer from the fridge or wine.  I decided to grab the $50 bottle of Crown Royal in the pretty purple pouch.  This was it.  After downing several piss-warm shots of this god-awful stuff, I proceeded to get drunk.  It was not good. It was not fun..  Getting drunk was not what I expected.  Luckily, I didn't throw up.  That was saved for my first experience with Tequila on Senior break  in Fort Lauderdale.  Oh, the joys of waking up in your own vomit.  To this day I still throw up a little in my mouth when I smell Tequila.  Can't do it.

I'm not much of a drinker now.  I actually am more enamored with the idea of having drinks.  I don't drink to get drunk.  Which makes me wonder why I drink at all.  I used to be able to drink like a viking in my earlier days.  Shots, funnels, shotguns, you name it!  I think if you set me up a funnel, I would vomit just looking at it now.  I was drinking to get drunk! That was during my college years, from what I can remember.  :-)  Now, it is a social thing.  Truth is, I don't like being drunk. I hate that feeling, that loopy, lethargic, where-are-my-pants feeling.  But I am a big fan of the buzz.  When I was singing in my band, I got to watch people go from sober to bombed.  It was always quite entertaining.  As long as I wasn't one of those people.

I can't drink hard alcohol.  That is reserved for date night dinners where I will have one Manhattan or a So Co on the rocks.  (no, I m not 70, I just drink like I am.)  I drink "girlie" drinks.  Twisted Tea is my go to, although now that I have been trying to lose weight, I find them less appealing at 220 calories a pop.  You may also find, at anytime, in my fridge, some sort of wine cooler.  Now, don't judge.  I know they are so 80's, but at least it's not Zima. (though I had been know to have some of those when they were popular.)  The problem is, I drink drinks that don't work.  You need about 13 Twisted Teas to get a buzz.  I need to start drinking Scotch, Jack or Jameson.  Those work, from what I gather.

When my children were little, I often found solace in going to Barnes & Noble & perusing the parenting books.  I was amazed at the number of mommy books that had alcohol in the title.  Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay, Three Martini Play-Date & Daddy Needs a Drink and If You give A Mommy A Martini to name just a few.  Is this the advice we are getting to cope with the stress of parenting?  Drink up?  No wonder why my parents had daily cocktails.  I get it now.  Thank god I didn't have a colicky child.  I would be in rehab.  Not to mention the prescription drugs that are so freely given to moms as well.  I think I am the only mother I know that does not have a script for Xanax.  (Although, I am considering it now, lol) 

I am not condoning the excessive use of alcohol as a means of escape.  Like anything else, I can see how it can get out of hand.  But I do love the idea of sipping a cold one on a hot day & feeling free.  Add to that a beautiful summer day or evening & it's on!  So go forth & enjoy your beverage a choice, responsibly.  With 6 weeks left of summer vacation, I may have to look into getting some Natty Light.  Mommy needs a drink!

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  1. I don't drink anymore - maybe one or 2 at dinner or at a party. I wish I did - I was a little more fun when having a buzz. I'd also dance more, sing more and laugh more.

    I used to funnel and do keg stands on Good Harbor Beach in the "dunes". So when I did drink - I drank to get drunk and boy did I get drunk --some days I woke up saying "why on earth did I do that" pretty much every night before thanksgiving.



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