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Monday, December 19, 2011

Do You Believe in Magic?

With 6 short days till Christmas I sit here, wine in hand, wondering where the last month went....I think I blacked out.  (Oh, no, we had a blackout, right..) Tis the season to be jolly, stressed & laden with anxiety.  The boys are getting older and they still "believe" in all that is Christmas, which I love.  I am waiting for the bomb to drop.  My 8 year old is getting a little suspect and his questions are getting more detailed "How can Santa possibly get to every house in one night?"  It's magic, I simply say.  Magic.

I don't know about you but Christmas is making my kids crazy.  The threat of "you better behave" seems to work less & less.  I mean, it really is an empty threat, isn't it?  Am I really NOT going to give them anything on Christmas morning?  I actually contemplated sending them a video from Santa (www.portablenorthpole.tv  best.site.ever.) for "naughty" boys.  Then I reconsidered.  Can you imagine the implications?  The mental damage?  I tell you, I was really close.

The "new" thing out there to help with behavior is this "Elf on a Shelf."  This effeminate troll-thing is supposed to be placed around your home & is supposedly "watching" your children's behavior.  First of all, CREEPY.  Have you seen this thing?  Sure, it look all innocent but you know what I see when I look at it:

what you see (sweet Elf)                         what I see  (Psycho Poltergeist clown)
If that thing is out during a thunderstorm I am locking my door.  FREAKY!

Another thing that disturbs me this year are those Best Buy commercials.  You know the ones with the Alpha-moms taunting Santa via text message & kicking his figurine off the roof like he is a fool with no use.  I think these ads are atrocious.  Make them stop!  I'm boycotting Best Buy...

I must be getting old.  Christmas has lost a little of its wonderment; its magic!  There are certain things that bring me back to my childhood: anything off the Frank Sinatra or Johnny Mathis Holiday albums, Russell Stover's chocolate santas, my mothers pizzelles, the Ray Coniff Singers & the ads on TV for the Barbie Townhouse. (that thing was awesome!) 

 I try really hard to keep tradition around for the sake of my children.  It is hard with my family spread out around the East coast.  I do look forward to seeing my parents, enjoying time with my family & that look in my boys eyes on Christmas morning.  All in all, I do love Christmas and just hope that magic doesn't fade.  I hope you find your magic this year.  It's there somewhere..(just not Best Buy.) 

I leave you now with one of the best covers of this tune ever.. note the Toto at the end!  Merry Christmas!!

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