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Thursday, October 4, 2012

20 Ways I Know I'm Getting Old...

1.  I go to bed at 9:30pm.  For real.  In bed.
2.  Ma'am is the new Miss.  Hate that!
3.  I just found a shoebox of cassettes in the basement
4.  I saw a Wham! Choose Life shirt at Macy's & got a visual of the video of George Michael on MTV with the orange short-shorts 
5. I remember videos on MTV
6. I hate house music at clubs
7. I drink Manhattans
8. My dream gift would be a combo Ms. Pac Man / Galaga, dual-player bar table
9. People are now holding doors open for ME
10. There are Tums, Advil & Xanax in my bag at all times
11. Tommy Lee is 50!  (And Pam Anderson is busted!)
12. I got excited when they re-introduced Purple Passion at the liquor store
13. We go away overnight to a hotel... and actually sleep
14. I know what Haffenreffer, Mad Dog 20/20 & a beer ball are
15. Wake & Bake now relates to actual food
16. I wonder if the boys I see at the bar I'm at could actually be my son
17. I no longer think Adam Sandler is funny
18. One of the Beastie Boys is dead
19. I still own adult movies on VHS tapes
20. I still own a VCR


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